Profile:We are a specialised consultancy company operating in the field of regional development and grant management. We offer professional services in the field of grant consultancy including the preparation, implementation and subsequent administration of projects within the structural EU funds, domestic grant programmes and other sources. Furthermore, we offer complex provision of public contracts, services in the field of processing marketing and economic analyses, strategic plans and their updates, education and environmental consultancy. Since 1995, we have prepared a large number of successful projects for the corporate, communal as well as non-profit sphere and we have exceeded the level of CZK 8 billion of approved grants with the success rate above 82 %.

Our mission:
We contribute to sustainable development of the region
– we harmonize priorities, we find ways, we bring solutions.

References:Since 1995, we have obtained over CZK 8,371 billion in grant resources for our clients. Our average success currently reaches 82,3 % of all the requested grants. We have administered or are currently monitoring projects that have obtained over CZK 1 054 million in grant resources. We have organized or are currently attending to selection procedures for projects that have obtained over CZK 613 million in grant resources.
People:We have an experienced team of specialists at our disposal who are experienced in preparation of both small and large investment and non-investment projects. Our main advantage is that we are demanding to ourselves and educate ourselves responsibly to be prepared to respond to your needs. We have accepted a voluntary undertaking to behave responsibly in the economic, social and environmental area.

When dealing with our customers we opt for face-to-face contact, which is in our view the best way for flexible and effective co-operation. We assumed voluntary obligation to corporate social responsibility - involving economic, social and environmental sphere of business. Our motivation is the joy of good work and success of our clients.

7 reasons for co-operating with us


We hold certificates CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 (Quality Management System) and CSN EN ISO 14001:2005 (Environmental Management System).


 How ISO helps us

We realize that if certification is to be meaningful, it must have a higher value for the company and its employees than on the paper on which the certificate is printed. We do not want it to be just a certificate "on the wall" but a functional system that helps us increase the quality of our outputs and continuously improve.

HRAT, s. r. o. has been given a thank-you award for the implementation of activities having an overall influence on the economic and social development of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the category of school, educational etc. institutions. The award was presented as part of the Investor’s Opportunity Workshop 2008 held with the participation of notable firms and companies of the Moravian-Silesian Region.