We are a socially responsible company. We have accepted a voluntary undertaking to behave responsibly in the economic, social and environmental area. This includes both short-therm and long-term activities.


We expect transparent business and good relations with the customers, suppliers and other trading partners. We want to achieve that by consistently adhering to established principles and by harmonizing the behaviour of the company with corporate values. Thus, the goal is to ensure sustainable development and success of our company.


We focus on responsible behaviour in our approach to the employees and on supporting the surrounding community. Thus, we influence the standard of living, health, safety and education both at the workplace and in the local community.


We are aware of the impacts our activities have on the environment. We want to perform our activities in such a way to protect natural resources and to burden the environment as little as possible. At the same time, we participate in specific activities associated with care of the environment in our region (so-called GreenDay).





We are aware of our responsibility for the quality of life of our employees and of the desire to develop the region in which we live. We want to have a positive influence on our surroundings, namely through our own example, a responsible attitude and the observance of accepted rules – practised both by the company’s management and employees. We have accepted a voluntary undertaking to behave during our business activities decently and considerately both to our environment and the company in which we work, namely beyond the framework of statutory obligations. Our responsible attitude mirrors our conduct towards employees, partners, customers, in the support of human community and the environment.

The responsible behaviour of our company is based on three pillars: economic, social and environmental area.

Official in charge of CSR:
Vaclav Pastucha, +420 605 297 425