In April 2010, the HRAT Company celebrates the 15th anniversary of its foundation. At this occasion, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have helped us and supported us – our partners, associates, employees and those who we have worked for: our clients. Since the very beginning of our activity, we have focused our interest in promoting activities oriented towards the development of the region and we have endeavoured to fulfil this mission in various spheres of activity. Our objective is to continue fulfilling these spheres with the aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

From The History

05/04/1995Establishment of Hospodářská rozvojová agentura Třinecka (Economic development agency of the Třinec region), Podnikatelské centrum, s. r. o., Agency Manager: Václav Laštůvka

1996Establishment of Slezská silniční iniciativa (Silesian road initiative) – obtaining financial resources for the acceleration of speedway communications in the region

1998Establishment of Regionální sdružení pro česko-polskou spolupráci Těšínského Slezska (Regional Association for Czech and Polish cooperation in Těšín Silesia) as the Czech partner in border cooperation

April 1998Establishment of the Těšín Silesia Euroregion as an area of border cooperation (Czech partner: Regional Association for Czech and Polish cooperation in Těšín Silesia, Polish partner: Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Wspołpracy Regionalnej „Olza“)

1998 – 2005Preparation and implementation of the Těšín Silesia Euroregion presentations at fairs of tourism - Regiontour in Brno, Holiday World in Prague, Expotour in Žilina

1998 – 2004Implementation of projects financed from border cooperation programmes such as Phare CBC, Phare CREDO and other initial-stage programmes as SAPARD, Phare Access, Phare 2000, EQUAL, SROP and also national programmes of the Ministry for Regional Development, Moravian-Silesian Region, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports etc.

2001Establishment of the strategic document: KPS – coordination programme of cooperation of a dominant regional subject in the development of the region and provision of sustainable job opportunities in the east part of Těšín Silesia (districts of Těšín, Třinec, Jablunkov) – the priorities of the region approved by the representatives of the cities and municipalities, by managers of prominent regional institutions and companies headed by TŽ, a. s., representatives of the Czech parliament and regional representatives.

2001Initiation of the establishment of the Silesian water supply and distribution confederation and initiation of the intention of the project “Revitalization of the Territory in the Olše River Basin”

September 2002New company manager – David Sventek

2002 – 2006Partnership in significant regional projects, such as

– Beskydy for all (initiative of the EQUAL Association, leading partner: Kazuist, spol s r.o.)
– LANO (Phare 2003 RLZ, general partner: KAPA Třinec)
– Start Business Centres (initiative of the EQUAL Association, leading partner: Kazuist, spol s r.o.)
– To prosperity through partnership (JROP, measure 3.3, leading partner: Moravian-Silesian Region)
– Capture – The Knowledge Economy Network (initiative of the Interreg IIIC Association, leading partner: Brighton and Hove, Great Britain, participation in the project through the city of Třinec), → Competences for the labour market (initiative of the EQUAL Association, leading partner: RPIC-ViP, s. r. o. Ostrava)

2002 – 2004Executive activity for the Regional Association for Czech and Polish Cooperation within the drawing of financial resources from preliminary funds for the Těšín Silesia Region – activity of the Secretariat of Phare CBC SFMP, Phare CBC SFMP 2001, 2002, 2003 – in cooperation with the Czech Centre for Regional Development and European Committee Delegation

2003The year of preparations for the accession to the European Union and the related possibilities of drawing financial resources – participation in the preparation of structures, priorities and measures for the programme of the INTERREG IIIA Association initiative

2003Implementation and operation of an information system: Opportunities – monitoring of financial resources

March 2003Commencement of the service of the City European Information Centre established by the Regional European Information Centre at the Business School Ostrava

December 2003Commencement of the service of the Information Centre for Entrepreneurs within the national project of the Czech Chamber of Commerce as one of the five places in the Moravian-Silesian Region

2003Initiation and coordination of the establishment of the Consultation Centre of the Business School Ostrava and the Centre for Bachelor Studies – a department of the Technical University of Ostrava at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering in Třinec

2003Submission of a project plan for the first phase of the extensive project “Revitalization of the Territory in the Olše River Basin” for the Cohesion Fund and execution of the introductory project conference

2004Certification of the Information Centre – membership in the Association of Tourist Information Centres of the Czech Republic (A.T.I.C.), participation of the Information Centre in the project of the Moravian-Silesian Region: “Support of the Information Centre Network in the Moravian-Silesian Region”

2004 Establishment of the District Section of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Moravian-Silesian Region for the development of the Třinec Region

2004Member of the network of official regional development agencies within the Czech Centre for Regional Development

June 2004Moving to the new premises at the Družstevní Street

2. 2. 2005The first issue of the Opportunities Bulletin (Příležitosti)

01/2005 – 03/2008Partner of the project “Strengthening the Capacity in Planning and Implementing Programmes in the Moravian-Silesian Region”. The project was submitted by the Moravian-Silesian Region in the second round of the call “Joint Regional Operational Programme” (measure 3.3 Strengthening the capacity of the local and regional authorities in planning and implementation of programmes) financed from the European Social Fund, national budget and the budget of the region. The main objective of the project was to prepare our region for the following programming period of 2007 - 2013. The project focused on areas necessary for successful drawing of financial resources from the European Union.

June 2006The first billion in obtained grants

September 2006New company manager – Marian Razima

2007 – 2013Implementation of projects financed from the resources of the EU structural funds through the Regional Operational Programme

04/07/2008Obtaining certificates of CSN EN ISO 9001 (quality management system) and CSN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management system)

18/12/2008Rebranding of the company

15-16/06/2009Supervisory audit within the quality management and environmental management

12/07/2010Supervisory audit of IMS (Integrated system of management) – recertification

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On the occasion of the 15th anniversary publication treating of the history has been get out (Czech).